Healthy Links

Tucson Healthy Options

Food for Ascension Cafe
The Tasteful Kitchen
Urban Fresh
The Food Conspiracy Co-op
Pasco (organic meats)
Bline (good salad options)
Market on the Move- Sundays
Sleeping Frog Farms
Sunizona Family Farms

Healthy Food Online

Check out these helpful online shopping sites.

Bob’s Red
Using 100-year-old stone mills and organic grains to create flours, which are milled to order. Also offering beans and granola.

Eden Foods
A great selection of natural foods, including beans, grains, nuts, seeds, Japanese foods, soymilk, fruits, and juices.

Frontier Natural Products Co-op
A site providing a good selection of foods, spices, herbs and aromatherapy along with information about the products and their uses.

Garuda International Eco-Friendly Fair Trade Goods
Affordable fairly-traded quality merchandise ranging from hemp fabrics to food items harvested in the Amazon.

Natural Lifestyle
A wonderful site with high-quality pantry items for the body and home. Plus, in-depth articles about their products. Catalog available.

Rejuvenative Foods
Organic raw cultured vegetables including raw sauerkraut and raw nut and seed butters.

South River Miso Company
Unpasteurized, organic, handmade miso in a number of different varieties.

Local Food Directories

Eat Well Guide
A national search engine that allows you to search for farms, markets, restaurants and more.

Eat Wild
Provides information on suppliers of grass-fed, pasture-raised and organic animal products.

Edible Communities
A network of local food publications with information on events, local growers, food producers, chefs, and consumers.

Local Harvest
Provides directories of CSAs, farmers’ markets, restaurants, and food coops.

Organic Consumers Association
Contains directories of food-coops, natural food stores, farmers’ markets, CSAs and more.

USDA Farmers’ Market Search
Use this search provided by the USDA to find Farmers’ Markets in your area.


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