Tucson Hop Shop Presents: SyncHOPation

Saturday, January 30th

Tucson Hop Shop is proud to present…

SyncHOPation: A celebration of rhythm, movement, and the magical elixer that binds us all—craft beer!

Set aside the 30th because we’re taking over the entire parking lot and stage at The Metal Arts Village Tucson for this day of non-stop music, suds and fun!

Here’s what we have cooked up for you:

3:00 – 4:15 – Spiritual Gangsta Yoga 2-year anniversary practice w/ Kelsey Erickson + DJ Elektra Tek aka E.T. ($5, front patio)

4:15 – 6:00p – DJ Elektra Tek post-yoga deep house set (front patio)

6:00 – 7:15p Hey, Bucko! (main stage)*

7:30 – 9:30p – The Bennu (main stage)*

9:30 – 11? – Elliot Tierney (front patio)*

Food will be provided by Fiamme Pizza Napoletana and snacks by POPPED Artisan Popcorn. Local vendors and live artists will also be on site in the Village! We’ll also have beer available by the main stage so you never have to travel far for a brew!

We begin with an all-ages yoga practice to celebrate 2 years of Spiritual Gangsta Yoga’s beat-dropping search for our universal selves. Join yogi Kelsey Erickson as she guides us through a 75-minute practice to the deep house sounds of DJ Elektra Tek on our front patio. This is a BYO-mat event… $5 gets you a practice and a pint!

After working up a sweat, all our yogis (21+) can enjoy a beer at Tucson Hop Shop, included in the $5 practice fee. DJ Elektra Tek will keep the beats flowing with a post-yoga set as we ease into the evening.

As the afternoon morphs into evening, we will welcome Tucson’s spagthetti blues trio Hey, Bucko to the Metal Arts Village Main Stage (6pm)!

Come 7:30, we’ll shift into jam mode with the Tucson’s very own jamtronica-fusion band The Bennu for 2 hours of music!

Finally, around 9:30pm we’ll welcome the late hours as Flagstaff DJ Elliot Tierney heats things back up in our front patio.
SyncHOPation wraps up around 11pm and we close up shop at midnight!

Bust out your calendar and pen us in because you aren’t going to want to miss what we’ve got cooked up for you.

*Minors under 21 must be accompanied by a guardian


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